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 What the hell is a trail name and how do I get one?

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Articulating Atruskan
Articulating Atruskan

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PostSubject: What the hell is a trail name and how do I get one?   Wed Aug 29, 2007 11:22 pm

A trail name is a good natured derogatory nickname each member receives when they do something worthy of the honor of receiving a trail name.

As a rule, trail names derive from the operator of an off-road vehicle doing something completely stupid with said vehicle resulting in uproarious laughter from witnesses. Who, the witnesses, will then honorifically provide the butt of the laughter a trail name.

E.G: Mayday [mey-dey]-noun
-the international radiotelephone distress signal used by ships and aircraft.
[Origin 1925-1930 fr (venez) m'aidre (come) help me.

[Alternate Origin: 2005. Nomad Off-road's fearless leader side slips into a 6' deep pool of water in a river. Running Open/Open he is unable to extricate himself. Not far from camp, he trundles over to the bank of the river and proceeds to wave his arms in distress to signal mates to assist. Not until he screams "MAYDAY! MAYDAY!" does anyone respond. However, the response was to jog to the stuck rig and snap many pictures. Fearless leader then must rely on a passerby to snatch him from his predicament. Hence Mayday.

So yes sports fans, even I make mistakes. You too can earn a trail name. Beleive me it may take more than one trip, but rest assured you will. Oh yes...you will.

See you on the trail.

To say that being non-judgmental is better than being judgmental is itself a judgment, and therefore a violation of principle... so shut the f--- up.
-The Mad Ogre
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What the hell is a trail name and how do I get one?
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